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Its a really great app! It lets u start whenever u want it to record and for how long! Get this app now!

worst app u can get

only records 50 seconds lol dont waste a download on this

How does this work?

No help, no web site, not intuitive, no response from developer .... Needs an instruction page at the very least. Right now, there is no way to know how to use it. My advice: Dont buy it until the developer helps customers figure out how it works.

Worst app I have purchased

Dont waist your money on this app. I own 140 plus apps and this is the only one I have that I cant figure out how to use. No on line help. Refund my money. If this was free I would not want it. Apple should look into this company for fraud.


I cant figure this out and there are no instructions. I googled the company, still no info. It really needs clear instructions on how it works, IF it does works. I dont recommended this until someone gives me info on how to use it.

Come on people...its not rocket science

I sometimes wonder why people write such bad reviews on products because they cant figure out how to use the product. Its true I couldnt find any instructions or guidelines for use but it took all of about 1 minute to figure out how to use it. I think it is a very nicely done app.

Still buggy

Since you made it free I decided to try it. It does take some messing around to figure out how it works. Ive recorded twice. The bug is that when Im playing the second recording and I tap fast forward, it jumps to the first recording. This happens from both screens that can be used for playback.


I dont understand why sometimes it records and sometimes it doesnt. I usually set it to start recording at 1:00am. It shows a count down then I go to sleep...disappointed when I wake the next morning to find out it recorded nothing...frustrating! Other nights it works fine. Why is that?

iOS 5 update coming soon

Were working on an update to fix the issues with iOS 5. I expect to have a working version posted very soon.

Cant trim recording

It appears that the only way to find out if you talked the night before is to listen to the whole recording. I cant find anyway to download the recording or trim it down in anyway. The rest of the interface is good, though.

No snore

I recorded for over 4 hrs and never heard a sound. I tested it while awake ... It never recorded!

Dead app

Hasnt been updated in years. Doesnt actually continue to record when phone screen locked.

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